Covid-19 Mitigation Products and Services

The current global pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to businesses today.  

We have partnered with leading consultants, medical and non-medical product manufacturers and distributors, and information technology vendors to bring best-of-breed products and solutions to help organizations adapt to the "new normal" way of life.


Software Automation

Due to the need for social-distancing and periodic quarantines, companies need to ensure that manual, in-office procedures and processes are minimized.

We provide software services that remove the need to have an office-based customer service and support team.  We also empower teams to organize the work, collaborate online, and communicate without having to be in the same room.

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Covid-19 Testing Kits and Equipment

Being able to identify personnel who may be infected with Covid-19 is critical to having a safe and healthy working environment.  Without adequate testing, contact-tracing and isolation of unwell personnel will not be very effective.

We identify, source, and supply Covid-19 test products which address the special needs of the Philippines today - low cost, no delay, and at the point-of-care.


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Personnel Protective Equipment

We help organizations with their need for medical protective gear and supplies (PPEs), to ensure that staff are less prone to viral infection.


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Hygiene Products and Services

Keeping facilities clean and hygienic especially with the prevalence of viruses has now become mission critical for all corporations.  

We help source UV-C disinfecting equipment, air filtration devices, surface disinfecting chemicals, and other types of cleaning equipment and services which are able to target the Covid-19 virus.


Due to the prevailing quarantine situation in the country, availability situation of the products below changes by the day.  Please send us an email to place an order.

Detect current and past presence of Covid-19 

Covid-19 Test Kits and Equipment

Coronavirus Testing Methodologies

There are currently two types of tests to confirm the presence of the virus during or after infection: testing for the presence of the virus, and testing for the presence of the antibodies produced when the person has been infected by the virus.

You may learn about Covid-19 testing in greater detail from the websites below: 

(image courtesy of

Detects the presence of the virus' RNA in samples taken from the respiratory tract, using a series of chemistry processes activated by chemical ingredients (the test kit) and a special PCR machine.

Detection of the antibodies produced in the blood of someone who already has or had the virus.

  • This is the recommended test to assess whether a community has had asymptomatic infected people and how much of the population may already have some form of immunity from future infections.
  • Read: WHO guidance on the use of rapid tests

As new test products are brought to market, the Philippine FDA reviews and approves those which it deems suitable for use in the country.

Mini8 Plus
PCR Equipment

MD-BOX-LAB: Portable Molecular Diagnostic Lab

From Coyote Biosciences, a complete package in a portable format for easier field deployment. 

  • The only nucleic acid detection carrying case that can be carried onto an airliner as a regular bag 
  • The box with all devices inside weighs less than 25 kg 
  • Electrical devices powered by 12V DC universal power supply, battery pack or automobile charger for mobile applications 
  • Total solution for POC diagnostics including user friendly devices and quick results

DirectDetect: Covid-19 Detection Kit
PCR Test Kit

DirectDetect: Covid-19 Detection Kit

From Coyote Biosciences, in-vitro diagnostic real time reverse transcription PCR assay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acids in throat swabs.

  • Manual handling time less than 1 minute
  • Sample to result time 1-1.5 hrs
  • Very simple operation
  • Sensitivity: 97.98%
  • Specificity: 95.77%

Mini8 Plus
PCR Test Kit

DiaPlexQ Covid-19 Detection Kit

  • One step RT-PCR contents are progressively applied for a one tube RT reaction and PCR amplification. 
  • You can monitor the nucleic acid amplification result based on real time condition through the amplification plot. 
  • Included
    • 2X OneStep qRT-PCR Buffer (2019-nCoV)
    • OneStep qRT-PCR Enzyme mix (2019-nCoV) 
    • Primer & Probe Mixture (R,E,N)
    • Control Template 
    • RNase Free Water
  • PCR reaction time: 2 hours

Prevent infection and spread of viruses

Personnel Protection Equipment and Supplies

Coverall Suite - Sterile

Hospital-grade Level B, 100% sterile. With face masks and shoe cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE01

Coverall Suite

Tafetta silver back lining. 2-ply material of 60-80 gsm thickness.  With face masks and shoe cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE02

Isolation Gown

Microfiber.  Includes face masks and shoe cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE03

Face Shield - Medical Grade

Full cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE04

Shoe Cover

Non-woven, vinyl plastic

Product Code PPE05

Mask - KN95


Product Code PPE06

Isolation Gown

Microfiber.  Includes face masks and shoe cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE03

Face Shield - Medical Grade

Full cover. Imported.

Product Code PPE04

Keep facilities clean and free from harmful elements

Hygiene Products and Services

We are strong advocates of UV light for hygiene as it is proven effective and does not involve the use of chemicals.

Read: Ultraviolet light can be an effective measure for decontaminating surfaces...
Read: ResearchGate: Can you kill coronavirus with UV light?

UV Disinfection - Youibot
UV Disinfection

Youibot: Anti-epidemic Robot

  • Ultraviolet indoor mobile multi-point disinfection
  • Configure infrared body temperature monitoring, body temperature detection during the day, and disinfection at night
  • Industry's largest power efficiency killing, cumulative UV intensity up to 270μW / CM2 • Laser SLAM algorithm completes the construction and positioning of the global environment map
  • Fully mature cognitive and positioning navigation capabilities
  • Ultraviolet killing robot is suitable for shopping malls, stations, offices, production sites, etc. 
  • Robot conforms to [National Standard] GBT 30030-2013 Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) 
  • UV disinfection conforms to [National Standard] GB 19258-2012 UV germicidal lamp

Mediland UV Disinfection Robot
UV Disinfection

Mediland: HyperLight Disinfection Robot

  • Specially designed robot made to prevent Healthcare- Associated Infection (HAI) for any healthcare facilities by means of UVGI disinfection method. 
  • The germicidal UV (254nm UVC) is capable of killing and inactivating micro-organisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting DNA or RNA, leaving them unable to replicate and repair.
  • Consists of 6 amalgam UV lamps and patented rotational reflector technology to effectively distribute UV-C output to the surroundings to inactivate and kill microorganisms. 
  • The technology provides an easy, fast, environmentally-safe and low maintenance operation for the operator throughout the lifetime of the product.