Portable Molecular Diagnostic Solution qPCR Anytime / Anywhere

Portable Molecular Diagnostic Lab

This PCR kit is produced by Coyote Biosciences, a company established in 2009.

This package features:

  • The only nucleic detection carrying case that can be carried onto an airliner as a regular bag
  • The box with all devices inside weighs less than 25 kg ·
  • Electrical devices powered by 12V DC universal power supply, battery pack or automobile charger for mobile applications
  • Total solution for POC diagnostics including user friendly devices and quick results

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The MD-BOX-LAB contains the following products:

Mini8 Plus

  • Power: 12V DC universal power supply or battery pack
  • User friendly: Simple interface
  • Small footprint and light weight: 205 x190x98 mm (LxWxH) and only 2.1 kg 
  • High sensitivity: As low as 1 copy 
  • Sample capacity: 8*0.2 ml PCR tubes 
  • Two channels: SYBR/FAM, ROX/Texas Red 
  • Open system: Compatible with most commercial reagents 
  • After each run, system automatically emails data to an email address chosen by user

Portable Dry Bath

Standardize your temperature control 

  • H2O3 brand dry baths are heating, cooling and heating/ cooling dry baths powered by 12V DC universal power supply or 12V DC battery pack 
  • Pad3 brand dry baths are mini dry baths that provide a smaller foot print than the H2O3 dry bath brand

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